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This is the platoon page for the Disaster Company (DIS) branch Disaster Company Spartans (DCS)
DCS is a squad of veteran gamers who (for some) are remnants of the 54thSC and were merged into the excellent Platoon known as Disaster Company. The rules of DIS also apply to DCS such as:
*MUST HAVE A KDR over 1.0
*Must be 16 and older( age is no issue as long as you don't sound or act like a 12 year old girl)
*RESPECT the chain of command

- Leader/Founder = JD2GuN
- Second in command = Jimboslice38895
- Second Squad Leader = luckyjr24
- Spartans = all other non-recruit members
- New Blood = Recruits
*Note: If you are talented at a certain skill(s) new ranks can be discussed.

***ALSO members must check the platoon page at least once a week to stay informed as to clan matches and other information.

In DCS please rock our platoon tags, You're apart of something special so show it off to the world soldier hooah!

We have our own sever so come play with us just type in Disaster Squad in the Search tab in the BF3 server browser

Ally/Practice Clans -
* Harbingers of Death
*Team Vector™
*Joint Operations

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