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The FACE CADETS are the under 14's division of the FACE BATTLE SQUAD. Join us for casual gaming and competitive clan warfare. Any skill level welcome the only requirement is that you must be displaying the FACE clan tag while playing with us! We have our own servers, the FACE BATTLE SERVER for public matches and the FACE SQUAD SERVER for custom games and clan matches. We also have our own FACE SQUAD website. For clan match requests contact HairyRamboF4ce or the Squad Leader - THA VIDEOGAMer.

Please join us!

Anyone over 14 years of age age wanting to get in on the FACE action please search FACE BATTLE SQUAD or follow link http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2832655391478369498/ and send us a request!

The FACE SQUAD prides itself for being the nicest bunch of chaps you will ever have the privilege of playing with, join in the fun now!


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