Combat Defib League
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Combat Defib League

This is how The Defib Ladder works, albeit a short ladder, but ladder nonetheless.
# 1 person may only be Challenged by the #2 person.
This means all of you are fighting for the #2 position to challenge #1.
Yes, it's a dog eat dog world.

Call-out the challenges on here.

rules of the match
1. The fight must be watched by a leader to verify fair play.
2.. The #2 can not decline a Challenge
3. No running away
4. No RD (Revive Defibs)

All challenges will be here:
Server:[CDL]defibs 1v1

Some advice because you're going to need it; Never stand still. :)

#2 crazyt 101

challenge log:player vs player(winner)
khaleesiiii vs littlelionzebra(khaleesiiii)
khaleesiiii vs boatengj98(boatengj98)
littlelionzebra vs khaleesiiii(littlelionzebra)
littlelionzebra vs CrazyT101 (CrazyT101)

Youtube: Just type in Rw CDL into Youtube

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