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Présentation de la section

"Mature" is a section as its name suggests, adult players (minimum age, 25 years), either because of age, or intelligence and spirit in the game !

No requirements at section, each member of the section is free to join one or more players of the section when he wants, whenever he can, and join the server he wants...

Means of communication: according to which what has each and desire, Teamspeak, Chat in game (me), Skype etc, etc ...

No wearable tag. However, depending on the evolution of the section, it is not excluded that in the future I create a team of the best elements of the section, with wearable tag to represent the section.

"Fun", "teamplay", and especially "progression" are the key words !

Those who want to join the section, or become a fan, you know where to click !

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* Tout nouveau membre ou ancien, utilisant ou ayant utilisé des programmes de cheats sera exclu définitivement de la section.

* Any new Member or former, using or having used cheats programs will be permanently excluded from the section.


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