Icarus Drive
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• Platoon made by two loopers and metro queen to integrate all good players and teammates left in BF3 ♡
Its opened for everyone!

• ''iD-'' tag in the nickname to represent us :)

Special thanks to our fans for the support ❤

Our server: https://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/servers/show/pc/a6b3853d-2d52-4b0f-b4e4-a0b23815f29b/iD-Metro-Only-No-Explosives/ (dead :()

Server rules:

1. Do not use explosives, for example granades, c4, m320, gp30, etc.

2. Do not use shotguns

3. No third floor

4. No glitching

5. No cheating (obviously)

6. Do not insult other players

7. Be fair against other players

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