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~~~About Us~~~
We are United Gaming.We are a competitve clan looking for the best in K/D and teamwork .But we are not just competitve we like to hang out and play some Bf3. Welcome!

Recruiting: YES

- K/D 1.5
- SPM 500
- be Colonel

- Be respectul to other members
- Be good humored
- Be active on both PSN & Battlelog. If you are innactive for 2 weeks+ without telling Founder/Leaders before you will be kicked.
- Have a mic
- Have clan tag (UnG) at all times. If you don't or have another, you will be kicked.
- You can't be on another competitive clan while you are with us.

** New members, add Founder and Leaders on PSN & on Battlelog and be sure to put in clan tag

**If you want to join, apply here and contact Founder & Leaders on PSN.

** If you want a clan battle contact Founder & Leaders on PSN or Battlelog


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