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1.Dirty-Snipers is a clan founded and made for snipers and assault only. we are looking for enthousiastic players with good recon and assault skills. (other classes than recon or assault are allowed, but not during clan battles or
playing with the clan during a game.)

2.We need players with a headset for good communication.

3.The people in the clan must speak english and/or dutch if you have more questions just ask.

4.Add all DiS members in your psn friends list & battlelog

5.Use DiS clan tag at all times

6.Never play against your clan/clan members, try to switch team as soon as possible, and help your friends

7.Do not discriminate in any manner

8.Respect your fellow members, DiS believes in equality

9.Always join the leader in DiS clan chat (text) whenever you are online, makes it easier for the leader to message/inform everyone, most of the time personal messages wont be answered by the leader.

10.Be a responsible, team oriented player, provide medic, use your tugs and radio spawn.

11.Check your specialization, make sure all members in the squad have different specialization.

12.This is a clan with experienced players. hope you enjoy ;) And don't get sniped!

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