Hermanos San Martín
Contrassegno: [HsM*] Web: Sito web ufficiale Fan: 40 Creato: 29-10-2011

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★ Hermanos San Martín ★

Clan created in February 2009

Founder: GibE123
Co - Founder : SS_k0nTr0l3r0
Co - Leader: Samutolo
Veteran officers : Gerard_10, Frasco_28

★ In gratitude to those who made ​​it big in this clan since its creation ★

Hystorical leaders : Gerard_10, Frasco_28, SamaS_82, TGN_PELE, jose-assassin, Deanser

Youtube channel:

Killzone profile :

Facebook Fan Page Oficial HsM* :

Achievements Killzone 2 :

• Awarded by Guerrilla Games ( Killzone saga developers ) as best clan in the world.
• First clan to reach 2000, 3000 and 4000 wins.
• Retired with 4000 wins and 745 losses.

Achievements Battlefield 3 :

• Battlefield 3 CSL Europe Hall of Fame

• 1st place - Squad Rush tournament 4v4 sponsored by GAME España.
( Awards : one ps3 game for each of the members who played the final and four PSN card 20 euros for each members )

• 1st place - FraggedNation Tournament 8v8 Conquest Infantry.

• 1st place - Consoles.net Tournament 5v5 Infantry.

• 3 títulos obtenidos mientras competimos en BF3, 1 a nivel nacional y 2 a nivel internacional. Siendo el primer y único clan español de la comunidad de PS3 en ganar un torneo oficial a nivel nacional patrocinado por GAME España y siendo también los primeros ( no así los unicos ) a nivel internacional en las webs FraggedNation y Consoles.net (CSL) •

✖ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWVIvHRwMls✖

•• Retired from the high competition in Battlefield 3 ••

★ Greatest achievement of the team : Officially Best Clan in the World on Killzone 2 by Guerrilla Games ★

What Guerrilla Games said about HsM* :


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