The Last Refuge #2
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Welcome to The Last Refuge!

Backed by an active community and integrated with our Discord, The Last Refuge strives to provide players with the best possible Battlefield 3 experience. Join our servers and have some fun!

• Servers:
TLR #1 | Conquest Classics |

TLR #2 | Urban Universe | ft. Charlies Frittenbude

TLR #3 | Premium Playground |

TLR #0 | Dogfighter's Dream |
This server is password protected - ask a Dogfighter on Discord to join.

• Rules:
⑴ No cheating
⑵ No baserape
⑶ No ramming
⑷ No cross-teaming (e.g. air peace)
⑸ Pilots and drivers choose their gunners
⑹ No blocking or damaging of vehicles in base
⑺ No stealing of air vehicles from enemy spawns
⑻ No harassment (e.g. excessive insults)

Cheating includes glitching. It is not considered baserape when an enemy player attacks from the base, or an enemy player returned from the battle to the base. Capturing vehicles because the pilot or driver was killed or because the vehicle was abandoned is allowed. Rules 1 and 8 apply to the dogfight server too.

• In-Game Commands:
- !rules, !rank, !stats: display rules and stats
- !assist: join the weak/losing team
- !report, !admins: contact an admin
- !votekick, !voteban
- !nextmap
- /verify [code]: link your Discord account

• Support:
For support, please join our Discord [] or leave a message in the platoon feed below.

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