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Old Guys Gaming Community is recruiting!

As many of you know [OG] has been in the past a predominately European based clan but has expanded the clan to North America with strong efforts to support the BF3 community. That being said here's the recruitment speech.

We started as a small clan in Battlefield Heroes, but developed into an international gaming community with members from Europe and North-America. As the name might hint, the community consists of the more older players, ranging from 18 years up to 65 years of age, with a strong passion for the games we play. During the years, we also picked up some girls along the way, so we're not an exclusive gentleman's society.

We offer:
- A website with an active forum
- Gameservers for the games we play (BFH/BC2/P4F/BF3)
- Teamspeak server (100 man) / Backup Teamspeak (100 man)
- A friendly community with a lot of active players (roughly 75)
- All members get admin on our servers.

- At least 18 years old (non-negotiable)
- A working microphone/headset
- Teamspeak installed
- No history of cheating/hacking
- Be polite and respect other members

Join us on Teamspeak: ts.oldguys.eu:9988 pass= oldguys

To apply to Old Guys Gaming Community, @ http://www.oldguys.eu
1) Register on our website
2) Confirm your account via email
3) Login and click on Join Us
4) Click on the BF3 game banner
5) Make an application on our forums

We have 12+ servers to choose from! Type 'Old Guys Gaming' in your server filter.

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