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The original teabaggers clan for battlefield!

Recruiting at www.TeaBaggersUnited.com
Reserved Slots for sale! Only $5 a month at www.TeaBaggersUnited.com/rs
Idle in our server for FREE ADMIN!

This is our fan platoon for the mixed mode server. Visit our other platoons if your a regular on our servers.

our platoons
=TBU= Mixed Mode: http://goo.gl/XzrDM
=TBU= Armored Kill: http://goo.gl/BQYJT
=TBU= Members: http://goo.gl/KaviV

our servers
=TBU= TeaBaggers United - Mixed Mode - Double XP: http://goo.gl/jxhsT
=TBU= TeaBaggers United - Armored Slaughter: http://goo.gl/SNfOD

Like us on facebook! www.facebook.com/TeaBaggersUnited

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