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Platoon Presentation

If you are interested in joining our platoon please apply at our website. The platoon is for Cabal Cartel members.

About The Cabal Gaming Cartel:
We are an alliance of clans, members and friends that play mostly first person shooters. We feel it's much more rewarding to game with friends than strangers, however the great thing about multi-player gaming is how easy it is to turn strangers into friends.

We do our best to avoid the drama that plagues standard gaming clans and keep things in perspective. Free time is precious and it's best spent having fun instead of worrying about petty things. We permit multi-clan membership. We also permit entire clans to join the alliance without having to give up their original tags or identity. We understand that real life comes 1st and encourage members to focus on school, family and career without having to worry about losing their membership when responsibilities keep you away from gaming. We'll always be here when you find the time to make it back to gaming.

If sportsmanship and camaraderie matter more than points or rank, then stop by and see what we're all about.

Recruiting Process
There are no try-outs. Just hang out with us and game. If everybody gets along and it seems like a good fit then you're in. Noobs are welcome. Skills can be taught, but good character is hard to find.

BF3 Conquest Server:

TS3: VOICE-VA1.BRANZONE.COM:9998 ( We keep this locked to keep the douche bags out. Want in? Shoot a chat message and we'll set you up!)

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