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Join us on Teamspeak 3 :

Joining our platoon is not synonymous with joining our organization as a Full Member. Only our Full Members are allowed to wear our tag in our servers and ts3. For more details check our website.

Welcome to the MadCast Gaming BF3 Platoon page.

Here at MadCast Gaming we strive to provide a friendly, fair, and friendly environment for a community of all ages.

We have zero tolerance for disrespectful or rude people.

Likewise, we do not tolerate hackers or hacking of any kind.

MadCast is a large community, to be sure, but we assure you that you will be
welcomed and feel right at home in no time.

We value real life commitments.

What we offer:

- Fully functional website with active forums (our forums are super active).

- Game Servers and TeamSpeak 3 Server

Minecraft Server

- A mature, friendly and active community of members

- When we say multigaming, we mean it. Battlefield is awesome, but if you play any other game why would you pick a platoon / clan / community where you have to jump from community to community
depending on the game you want to play?

MadCast has a large player base in
League of Legends (because we all know
how terrible solo queuing is);

MadCast has a Guild Wars 2 guild on the Sanctum of Rall server.

We also play:

DotA 2,
Marvel heroes,
Diablo 3,
Starcraft 2,
Final Fantasy XIV,
Team Fortress 2,
and many others,

-MadCast averages one event every two days, meaning, there is always something to do;

-MadCast makes its own montage / videos;

-MadCast produces a weekly gaming podcast;

-MadCast casts its own in house games to the rest of the community;


- Most of all want to have fun!

- Mature, friendly & team player

- MadCast is a place where you can be super active by signing up to every event we have,
or you can be more casual and just fit in gaming with the rest of your life. We respect and welcome
both types of people.

- No hacking history

If you are new to the platoon make sure you drop by our website
and register to say hi in the “Initiation Forum” section of the forums.

Teamspeak 3 Information:

Feel free to contact any of the platoon leaders if you have a question

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