Angels Of Death: 4th
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  • d367ruc70 wrote on the wall for Angels Of Death: 4th:
    I'll miss you guys. Don't know if anybody is still gonna play but I def still will be playing bf3 until bf4 is release.
    AOD_Grassmaster I'll be around for sure and they are keeping us a vent channel open. AOD is still going strong but BF3 in general did not garner the same level of interest as the other in the Battlefield franchise
    6 years ago
    d367ruc70 Gotcha. I've updated my vent channel settings and also added the temp one and still can't get on. Guess I'll just hope it's up in a while. I've been keeping up watching the posts on the frontpage but no updates.
    5 years ago
  • calosis wrote on the wall for Angels Of Death: 4th:
    he guy im still a live in only four day i was a real private soldier i finish ma basic training but after im going at borden in ontario i come back when i going take my pc at my home
    calosis sorry for english i was not very good
    6 years ago
  • MisterSasori wrote on the wall for Angels Of Death: 4th:
    Make sure you vote for your favorite maps! Check