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Platoon Presentation

We don't discriminate on K/D or LVL.

****We all have LIVES**** so why say,"YOU MUST HAVE OVER 1.00 K/D!"

We're a team here and if you don't exactly have perfect stats then come in and we will help you as much as we can to get you to where you need to be and help you get assignments and all.

We like to be what we are, GAMERS,and some of us become real FRIENDS.

If you ever need anything, don't hesitate to come to a leader about it, we have each others back with problems involving another clan or person. We will help you out.

The only thing we will ask of anyone who joins us is to only be in this Platoon.**LOYALTY**

If you were looking at any real military they really aren't in three Platoons at one time, they're in one and they're as close as family.

The way we see it now, your stats count toward that Platoon's stats and if they're bad then they may kick you, we don't look at that at all and even if they are bad, after playing with us sometimes, they'll get better.

We do have a website(click link above). Please join it and be active.

**We like to be like a real Platoon, have our backs and run in a pack, become friends and help out when needed.**

Allies may fan us & Join WPK ALLIANCE and add us to play with you and your Platoon, PLEASE Don't try to steal our members, that is disrespect.Players have a choice in clans/platoons and we would like it if they decide to be with us then, so don't try and take them.

***New members are required to post an "intro" on our site or on BL. Make it at least a couple of sentences long. This is just to help people get connected first thing and chip away social barriers.***

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