Unemployed Merc. S.F.
Tag: [HIRE] Fans: 26 Created: 2011-10-25

Platoon Presentation

Unemployed Mercenaries Special Forces of the 69th and 420th with joint forces of the Armored Battalion from the 1/185th

If you sees in the PS3, we'll help if you ask... kinda like mercenaries, we're here to overturn or give challenging battles to opposing forces (even if outnumbered). One always runs into the enemy, the other blows 'em up, the other gets the scraps and revives the idiot who cooked the grenade and got shot before throwing it hahaha

Our members are soldiers of fortune, they can pick up dead kits and play just as well. Leader members adapt to every vehicle and kit (Leaders have proven it.) Glitchers can't hide from us and spawn campers never stand a chance against us. Also here at Unemployed Mercenaries we don't give a shit just do your job and do the objectives and you will fit in right away.

Got no job? don't worry we don't either we just play all day long, come and play.

This platoon is also for those who are friends with HIRE but don't wear the tag. they can be part of the Platoon but not the HIRE section until they earn their place in the Platoon (basically regulars of BF3 who tend to play in our team on a regular basis.)

- Mic
- Mic discipline
- Team player
- not uptight, hahaha

People who are made "leaders" also (aside from contributing heavily in matches) is more of a way to promote more people to join the platoon and accept the invites, we don't deny people unless they don't play at least with one member or never heard of them.

---------------------------------Mercenaries Special Forces coordinators when in official platoon matches------------------
----------------------------------------(keeps eyes on the Battlefield, and specialties)------------------------------------------------

Recon element (rear and forward):
TwiztedMannix, Zercaty

Offensive Coordinators:
Hellhound909, Meggetemall, TwiztedMannnix

Defensive Coordinators:
Negato-Redsummer, TwiztedMannix

Aerial (add ur name if ur always owning in this subject):
KickAss420, Hellhound, Killa-Hertz, TwiztedMannix, CUTEWEZZY


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