Cold War Killers
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Platoon Presentation

CWK is a prestigious and legendary clan on BF. the original founder is johnny nami, who currently sits at the
rank of #1 in Melee and #20 in kills for the world!!!! we are are both good at conventional and unconventional warfare, and will do whatever it takes to win. we believe in quality over quantity and
we will never fail, because we all have a purpose, for we are CWK.

Initinitiation guidelines: in order to join the Cold War Killers, you must participate in a series of 5 games where in one of those games you must obtain one of the three MVP ribbons, a squad wipe ribbon, and either a conquest winner or a rush winner ribbon.

Candidates must message on of the leaders when ready to start innitiation.
If candidate passes initiation, then they are subject for full review in order to become a full fledged member.

2nd tier spec ops platoon: The Activity

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