The Murder Militia
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Platoon Presentation

We are just a group of casual players that like to PTFO and have fun while doing it. If you are interested in joining please try and get a few games in with a leader, just to make sure you aren't a real douche lol.

Check us out on facebook:

New Member Requirements:
- Communication. Must have a mic and must use it.

What will cause you to be kicked from the platoon:
- Being a doucher
- Boosting/hacking
- Verbally attacking other members or racial/discriminatory comments

8/12/12- Sad to announce one of our members, iOrlandope was killed by a drunk driver at the young age of 18. We are going to miss you :(

10/26/12- One year anniversary for the MRDR platoon!!!

Our allies:

[SoD] Milites Mortis:

[FYOU] First Yankee Ops Unit:

MRDR Youtubers:

-Eagle Tallon:


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