The Smokin' Aces!
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Platoon Presentation

First off.. Welcome and thanks for checking us out!
Secondly.. With the mass number of people wanting to join us we must protect our Clan/ Platoon's Stats and Integrity of skill. Starting today December 28th, 2011, you must have reached Colonel (rank 45) to apply. The only exception to this rule is whether myself or one of the Leaders determines you specifically are worth making an exception. This does not mean that every rank 45 will be accepted. Your stats will be reviewed, as all applicants are. Don't let this discourage you. Play your best and reach the necessary level to join.
Finally.. In this Clan/ Platoon there is no restriction to just us. Who are we to tell you how many Clans you can be in. However, if you join the Platoon and want this to be your primary then put [ACE] as your clan tag.

To the Boosters:
Get Ready! The Smokin' Aces! are coming and we will find you! We will embarrass you. More importantly we will defeat you!

Members Note:
Smokin' Aces, review your stats and see what you need to work on. Dont become complacent (let your guard down) in certain areas but become the best-well-rounded ACE! you can be! See you on the Battlefield. You guys rock! Hooah!
Also Members if you are going to be gone for awhile let myself or the Leaders know. If we dont see you on for a LONG time period then we might assume you are not returning and you will be removed from the Clan/ Platoon. (This doesn't mean I will remove you from my friendslist.)

These are the guys who distinguish themselves on the Battlefield. Look them up and check their stats. These guys are undoubtably well-deserving of these positions and can bring great influence to the squads and in the match. Ask these guys tips on how to get better. (Leaders must have ACE clan tags)
These guys also have the ability to add or remove members from the Platoon/ Clan. If they feel you should be added or deleted, understand I support their decisions.

As most of you know, we have some guys that are in the Top of the Leaderboards. That is very prestigious in this Platoon because we dont allow Boosters. It seems that no matter what, they seem to keep finding a way to Boost. So this is a Congrats from the Platoon and Myself for hanging in there. Keep it up!

Final Words:
Welcome and remember "He who fears death is in denial, for death is promised"!

- Universal_Hero_X

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