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Platoon Presentation

We are a bunch of friends from the remains of the old TFD clan plus some new members.
We are from Germany, Belgium and Holland.
We speak mostly English, but we speak also German and Dutch.

Currently the clan has 29 members.

Together we have fought countless online battles.

We get online on teamspeak and wreak havoc on online gaming servers.

The name The Flying Dragons comes from a couple of years back,
when we were the best BFv pilots on the internet!

At the moment we only play online for fun, but this can change if we want to do wars again in the future.

So keep an eye out on our site if you want to do some future wars against us.

We play mostly Battlefield and the COD games.

Next to that we play what ever we like, but mostly modern war shooters.

We are a non cheating clan. So cheaters, stay away from us.

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