United Brotherhood
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Platoon Presentation

We are not a group that cares about k/d.
We are a group that cares about teamplay,
having fun and kicking some ass as a team.

What we look for is team play and personality
that fits in with the group. We don't tolerate cheaters, if we catch you cheating,
you are out of the group, period.

To BF3 players that would like to join our platoon:

Please make an account on our forums at united-brotherhood.net

Then you will need to get teamspeak3
our address is:
join us there. we invite you!

When you do that, join us on ts. so you get
to know the rest of the crew.

We no not accept players to join
our platoon until they have log on our

Our server runs 32 player maps 24/7
Conquest Domination.
we have 3 rule:

Respect All Players
No Base Rape (or kicked)
Cheaters are Banned

Our Promo Video: http://youtu.be/pLq3u2b0yPA [YouTube.com]

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