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Dear members, friends, and fans.

After much thought I have come to the difficult decision to disband the PS3 part of the clan.

The decision to disband the PS3 clan was imminent. It has been on my mind for a few months now. Even though we've tried to make it work and always believed we would make it... It simply was not going anywhere. (I will not go into detail as to how we got here but if any clan member wants to discuss it with me you are more than welcome to.)

I want to thank all the great people from the ones who are still loyal to the ones that left who helped make the FOV clan for what it was and in a way... still is - a kick-ass clan.

I want to make it clear that disbanding the PS3 clan does not mean that FOV in general is over. The PC part of the clan is very much alive and active and I am going to join them and provide my support. I want to make it clear that my moving over is not the reason for disbanding the PS3 clan.

I would like to point out also that I will still be on the PS3 and will still join you, as you are my friends, and will still be sporting the FOV clan tag :) If anything changes in the future I'll be more than glad to kick start it again but I think for now it's time to put it to bed.

Good luck guys and thanks again for the all the support.



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[Posted on 25/07/2012]

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