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Platoon Presentation

a couple simple rules:

1) PTFO when other platoon mates are in game. goof off on your own time and in your own game. if someone joins your game inform them you're in that game to goof off so there is no frustration.

2) RESPECT all PTFO members

3) if on opposite team . . . . switch. if it wont let you then notify someone on other team so we can get invites sent your way

4) a mic is needed so we can all communicate

5) if we get into a clan match all participating must have PTFO as clan tag. pub matches/lobbies is not necessary

Applying members must first play with a leader/founder to see if you have the traits we are looking for before we will accept you. We do not judge a player by KDR, SPM, or WL, but we do look at your ability to PTFO and your TEAMWORK.


add wesleymccloy on battlelog so that we can chat and figure out when we will be able to play together to get you quickly accepted into PTFO


our server starts with [PTFO] clan... with the maps/mode in after
Please join it whenever you can, and if you do then you must have the right clan tag.

I personally like Rush as a game mode, but here is a list of types of servers that are the most commonly found/liked:
1. Rush – all maps, 100% tickets
2. Rush – small maps, 100% tickets
3. Rush/Conquest – most maps, 100% tickets
4. Conquest – all maps, 100% tickets
5. Conquest – small maps, 100% tickets
6. TDM – all maps, 100% tickets
7. SQDM – all maps, 100% tickets
8. SQRSH – all maps, 150% tickets
9. CQDOM – CQ maps only, 100% tickets
10. Conquest – Operation Métro 24/7, 200-300% tickets
11. TDM – Noshar Canals 24/7, sniper only, hardcore, max tickets
12. SQDM – all maps, knife only, 100% tickets

Please note that number of players (min/max), hardcore/soft-core, friendly fire, etc may vary. Any abuse will get you kicked (for example: griefing, jet ramming, etc.)

If you want to play one or have any suggestions, comment on Battlelog, Facebook or pm me.

For server settings and match setup then message me or comment below.

follow @battlefield and me @wesleymcloy for #BF3 info


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