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Sorry,The enlistment from overseas has been Closed. Thank you.

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  • weather_red wrote on the wall for 03z:
    To 03z memebers: This is Lossa,ah you know that guy from Shanghai,China.I miss you all these months,so I am back and ready to buy Battlefield4 soon(maybe in 15 days),and now I use this account for momentAnother account is limited because I am under 16 years old.elkhart sang please reply if you see this notice, thank you
    elkhart72 I'm sorry reply late.because I do not look little bulletin board of 3, How are you doing? I think it's very though there is a regulation in various ways. We are still playing at 4 all. Let's play together when there is a cha...
    5 years ago
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    FOX-2nd TDMおばかです。
    6 years ago
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  • elkhart72 wrote on the wall for 03z:
    K-Royon_san 最近、顔だしてないけども参加したいですー
    6 years ago