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Platoon Presentation

Welcome to NCIX gaming Lounge 1!

This lounge is now full. You can either fan us or search NCIX to find a different platoon. Remember to join the "official" one! To view more NCIX Lounge of which one you may be representing, search "NCIX Lounge".

We host three servers across the continent. These servers are hosted on a fine computer and never exceeding 50% CPU usage. At most, it uses 10-20%. We want to ensure people have the lowest ping.

Also our servers can be admined by YOU. To kick a user, type @votekick username. So for example @votekick ihaxyoucantkick. Then get your mates to type @vote yes. Once you have enough vote, he will be kicked. You can also ban by typing @voteban.You can also punish team killers by typing @punish or @forgive. Give it a try!

A very nice new feature is: Rank. You can view your rank by typing @rank and to see top 10 players, type @top10.

Want to become admin? Shoot an email! The basic requirement is that you play frequently on our servers.

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