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IFb was an idea brought to life by an individual code named spectre_no1. He was a member of a great clan known as XXX.. Internal strife and lack of direction tore the XXX clan apart and brought about the beginnings of IFb. For namesake I will call the founder of IFb, John. As XXX was dividing, John had an idea for his own clan comprising of many of the XXX clan members. His clan would be made of a multi national base of players - hence Inter(national) Force Brothers (IFb). His clan would include members from any nation, creed, color, etc. His clan would set aside differences and beliefs to form a unit with a common goal - PTFO! Today John's clan consists of 51 members playing both Battlefield 3 and MOH: Warfighter.
Offline, we are a group of virtual (and some of us, real soldiers) who get together to shoot the shit and talk game play and tactics. We have fun. Online, we mean business. We are happy to take on any clan who wants to scrap. Message us and we will muster to engage in battle.
I am xX_Spectre_1_Xx not to be confused with the IFb chief, spectre_no1. I am a US Army soldier and John is a composite risk analyst. Together we make a great leadership. I inform him of real military tactics and John weighs the risks in battle.
I met spectre_no1 as a member of the XXX clan. Not only was I drawn to him because of his similar name (chosen from our interest in the FPS SOCOM Navy Seals, but also because of his personality. People who meet John gravitate towards him. He is calm, cool, and collected - virtues of a good leader. I stand by John not only as a clan member but also as a friend.
If there is anyone interested in joining a clan, look no further. IFb is a clan for anyone and everyone. We enjoy meeting new prospects and playing as a team. So come join us if you are competitive or just want to have fun.
- xX_Spectre_1_Xx, IFb Senior.

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