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This platoon is free to join. Please apply if you agree DICE should buff the Recon Class.


Simply stated, the members of this platoon believe the Recon class is embarrassingly weak compared to the
other classes in the game as well as compared to previous Battlefield titles. The competitive nature of a
multiplayer FPS is one where balance must be achieved in order for every class to be fun to play. As paying
customers, we believe some balance changes are in order. To illustrate our point, we'd like to list some of
the ways in which Recon has been "NERFED":

Compared to Bad Company 2, the bolt action rifles no longer kill in one shot to the enemy's body when up
close. From a gameplay point of view, the Recon has the slowest rate of fire and the slowest scope in times
(when using a real scope). In exchange, Recon should be able to kill up close with one shot to the body.
There was nothing really wrong with the way Bad Company 2 did it because it encouraged Recon to stay on
the objectives. HOWEVER, the effective OHK range should have been lowered if the player was using a quick
acquisition scope(ACOG and RDS). From a realistic standpoint, I'll use the M98B as an example but first let
me say that I realize games like BF3 aren't realistic, but to the gamer they need to make sense. The M98B
is a weapon that is capable of firing a .338 round bullet at 3000 ft/s. This should absolutely kill in one shot
to the chest up close!

As if the 3D spotting, mini-map spotting whenever I fire without a suppressor(and the bullet drop sucks with
them), motion sensors, and KILL CAM weren't enough you had to go and put a flashlight on the end of my
weapon (so long as I'm using greater than a 4X scope)? Use an ACOG you say? If I have to get within the
limited visibility range offered by an ACOG AND still get a headshot, then I'm already dead by every other gun
in the game just ADS and holding down the trigger.

Compared to Bad Company 2, Recon no longer has C4 as equipment which means he no longer is a threat to
tanks and vehicles. Come on DICE, this is a Battlefield game, it's all about vehicular warfare. How can you have
only one class that is truly deadly against vehicles, especially with so many vehicles per map in BF3? The reason
I say one class(referring to Engie) is because C4 itself has been nerfed since Bad Company 2 and it cannot be
thrown more than 6 inches. Seriously? This super strong military soldier can haul around unlimited rockets and
ammo but he isn't strong enough to throw the C4? Remember what I said about making sense? If you're going
to keep C4 this way, then give it to more than one class.

Without C4 the Recon is the ONLY class in BF3 that cannot use destruction (without vehicles) to kill
enemies, transform the environment, cause distractions, etc. What is the point of having destruction if we
cannot use it with every class?

Compared to Battlefield 2, Recon no longer has claymores as equipment. When you consider that claymores
were given to the Support class where it is outclassed by Support's other equipment, this makes no sense.
Support is/should be on the front line providing ammunition to the Assault and Engie classes. Claymores have
very little use there with all the rocket and grenade spam. Instead, they are best used to defend and hold a
position, which is perfect for a Recon who is most effective when he is up in a building somewhere with a good

You know how aweful it would be if I blended in with that bush I'm laying in...I mean prone AND a ghillie suit
would be super lethal, right?...NOT WITH SCOPE-GLINT!

Not everyone in this platoon is a die hard sniper but to those who are, it's insulting that DICE tried so hard
to prevent people from playing the class. The ball is in your court DICE. We're not telling you exactly what
to fix but give us something.

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