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- BF3 - A T H E I S T S -
Welcome to the BF3 Platoon created by atheists, for atheists,
& those who do not believe in theological God(s).

We are your neighbors, servers, police officers, soldiers in fox holes, & everything in between. We walk among the rest of the world, every single day... from all walks of life. The only difference between "you" & "me", "us & "them"? Atheists do not assume that all of existence was the direct result of supernatural, omnipotent, magical powers of the God(s). Each individual atheists holds their own sense of spirituality, the ONLY thing that binds all atheists is the lack of belief in god(s). That, & we all play BATTLEFIELD 3 !

If you are applying to this BF3 Platoon, "BF3 Atheists [-A-]", then you are doing so as an openly "admitted" atheist / agnostic / nonbeliever. Anyone tolerant, supportive, or generally holding secular ideologies are 100% encouraged to FAN US & stay up to date with the latest BF3 Atheist Happenings!

Intended for an educated & mature audience.
Mature = age, and / or mental capability.
* If you even THINK about complaining, then this platoon & associated web pages are NOT intended for you. YOU have made the mistake of stumbling upon this... as it surely was NOT our mistake of posting it! Trolling, flaming, ignorance, aggressiveness & hostilities will not be tolerated.

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