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AFSOC provides Special Operations Forces (SOF) that use unconventional warfare-UW- tactics such as scouting, sabotage, and intelligence gathering activities. AFSOC’s core tasks have been grouped into four mission areas: forward presence and engagement, information operations, precision employment and strike, and special operations forces mobility. Our Platoon is not focused on KDR but more on team players. Teamwork wins battles PTFO!
We have a few "Gamers" but the majority of the membership are casual players. We want to support our teammates, win some battles and, most importantly, have fun!
We accept players from ALL nationalities and WILL NOT tolerate unprofessional comments or behavior from our members.
Here are some ground rules:
-Treat other members with respect at all times
- No glitching/boosting/cheating in any way
- Don't act obnoxious or talk tons of trash if you use a mic- use COMSEC
- Play with other members as much as possible (Inactivity of more than a month could result in being kicked from the platoon. Also if you are on a lot but never join our games you will be kicked.
This platoon is dedicated to my brothers and sisters of the U.S. Armed Forces, specially our fearless professionals of the Special Forces.
"First There...Death on call"

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