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Platoon Presentation

●═ Welcome to the BRAVO Platoon of ═●

We are not a typical community/clan,
just a selection of gamers from all sites of the globe set out to do only one thing!
Yeah, you got it, have fun, play the game and enjoy it,
furthermore we like to share this experience of playing,
realizing and experiencing the full potential of online games with our community members.

Although we pride ourselves being very competitive gamers,
our main goal is to create an enjoyable experience and pleasant atmosphere for everyone.
So if we sound like your 'cup of tea' and your love for battlefield is as great as our own then apply now,
all we ask in return is that you're respectable, friendly and cool.
Racisim, Insulting bahaviour, or Offensive language in general is NOT welcome on any of our servers.
We please everyone to take the time to look through our server rules,
which are shown on our homepage, so that you see what is and is not acceptable.

Cheaters and stats padding will not be tolerated on our servers what means they end up in a permanent ban.
Feel free to join us,
a registration at is free and unlocks a lot of features to each community member.

If you have problems or issues about our Servers, players ect., you can find a list of responsible Community Leaders in each Platoon.
Everyone in the Platoon Leadership is also responsible for problems on any Server of ours.

●═ Battlefield 3 Platoons ═●

╚══ ALPHA Platoon ═►

╚══ BRAVO Platoon ═►

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