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Platoon Presentation

Platoon Presentation

Welcome to Battlefields original Mercenaries battalion [BoMb]

Originally started as a clan to play with friends and at the same time become a competitive clan.
We have been playing Battlefield from the beginning of Bad Company.
Our ambition is become one the Elite clan in Battlefield 3.

If you would like to be part of our ambition,
Then send us a request either on battlelog or by adding us online through PS3.

Looking for Active, Competitive and Team orientated players.
BoMb Elite

We are here to have some laughs and have a great time blowing sh*t up.

Clan Tag: [BoMb]

All members are required to change their clan tag. If you haven't already done so please change it to

For any other information Add me online:

Big_D_More [PSN:Big_D_More] Founder
walle147 [PSN:walle1471] Leader
Swatstylez88 [PSN:Swatstylez] Leader
Excecutioner2487 [PSN: Executioner2487] Leader
APCPet6 [PSN:APCPet] Leader
Grimestep [PSN:Grimestep-] Leader
eXsTaTiic_Life [PSN:eXsTaTiic_Life] Leader
NoRemorseb17a1 [PSN:NoRemorse762] Leader
ertsi [PSN:ertsi] Leader

Note: All members must add myself and the platoon leaders for better communication!

STRUCTURE of Platoon..RE:RE:

BoMb has one of the best clan structures that dedicates to helping the new fall in with the rest and gives everyone a fair shot at being the top squad. Below are the Rules/Guidelines of the structure.

1. Structure goes Commander, Squad leaders, then men. Each squad leader controls 3 men and each man in a squad has a separate class.

2. Players in BoMb will not be trained or directed driving or flying since this is not our focus. These positions are trained and directed if your squad makes it to BoMb elite.

3. There are different classes of squads, A,B,C ranking on participation and wins and teamwork. If you are in A you may request the commander to challenge BoMb elite squad C. If you loose you get bumped down to B. Win your the elite C squad. B and C classes can challenge each other threw squad leaders and do not need commander permission to challenge each other.

The goal is to have everyone challenging and competing to be the best in our own platoon while at the same time training and get better with our squad mates. MORE TO COME ON STRUCTURE
Bomb? is a Platoon dedicated to the perfection of TEAM WORK. But we do like to have lots of fun.

-No rank minimum as ANYONE can join the squad.


- Must become a fan!
- Must be friendly to every player
- Must listen to Founder or Leader ( what they say is final)
- Try be on at least 3 times a week.
- Give feedback on changes on how we can make our platoon better.
- Must be a team player
- Please become friends with the other members it will contribute to better teamwork in games
- Must have fun :D

If you have any complaints about:
-The platoon
-Our website
-platoon members
Then please contact either the squad leaders or the founder and we will aim to set things right

Please tell your friends , and help make this the greatest squad ever!

Thank you!

BoMb Elite coming soon...... Recruiting now.... Talk to Excecutioner2487, eXsTaTiic_Life and or

Myself (Big_D_More).

TOLERATED AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To all gamers in Europe and UK we are looking for you.
We are expanding the empire and we want to take Europe and UK by storm.
Join us at BoMb we have what you want.
I will need new leaders for both Europe and UK so lets get some members and make this a reality.
Come win with us.

Update: [[[[[[[[[[ BoMb World ]]]]]]]]]] is here.


This will make for better communication for all members from outside of North America.
You will have to be a member of both BoMb and BoMb World.
Thanks guys.

Please let me know if anyone is interested in a leader role for this expansion.


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