Global Conquest Scrims
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Platoon Presentation

Applicants please do not waste time if u are joining and have no intention of doing matches. Leader and 1 Officer or Clan rep allowed in order to keep it as organised as possible.

How to setup 12v12 matches

1. Purchase a private server

2. Setup a burn round since the GENIUSES at DICE didnt have the option to set match to start when 24 are in

3. Play and have fun.


[SyN] SyNergy eSports - Contact: NuMbzZz_SyN4LiFe | glassesboy
[QxD] Quantic | Devastation - Contact: x-Over_Boosted-x
[cR] Chain Reaction - Contact: I_doubleK_I
[eVo] Evolution - Contact: chain_of_misery
[FK] Fulltime Killers - Contact: Sneintzville
[EcR] East Coast Riders - Contact: 2brow4u
[LGN] LEGION - Contact: Skuirrel
[tCo] the Crazy ones - Contact: tCo_oOCraZyOo | tCo_FEARR
[TNU] Threat Nuetralizing Unit - Contact: Lagz_KillzGaming
[TAo] Tactical Anarchy order - Contact: JettsonBE
[LoD] Legend of Dragoons - Contact: FitzDomination
[vVv] Veni Vidi Vici - Contact: suya91
[DeVz] Devils Reyects - Contact: _x_X-Eren58-X_x_
[6PK] 6 PARK II - Contact: SlayerXX17
[BZAR] BAZAR Community - Contact: maden471
[CyK] Call your Kill - Contact: stungundunn
[apeX] apeX Gaming - Contact: ad-uk-1986
[CTG] Claim to Glory - Contact: machete979
[RpG] Respect pro Gamers - Contact: H1TMAN-_BaD_-KsA
[HQC] Hell's Québec - Contact : vertigo_dude | ZIGNEUX
[eQs] Equilibrium Syndicate - Contact: Rogey-4
[UKO] United Kingdom Order - Contact: TonyEar_sBF
[ReV] ReVolt Gaming Inc - Contact: ReVolt_sToNeZ420 | SkyScrim
[TKo] Tactical Kaos & Order - Contact: x_MadMackie_x
[CBK] Cold Blooded Killas - Contact: Rifle_Macc
[JAAM] The Wrecking Crew - Contact: Generalbuttneked
[ExDs] ExoDus - Contact: GLOCKED
[PuP] Pros Under Pressure - Contact: PuP_Zakkobonko1
[TBHx] The Brotherhood Elite - Contact: acidghost
[AoA] Allegiance of Arms - Contact: dante2061jackson
[dw8] dEAD wEIGHT - Contact: dUrKa-ICEMAN
[xDLx] - Contact: Kojakk_Moe | Svarun77
[wAr] The wAr Empire - Contact: DARTH_RAIDER26
[Ar51] Area51 Freaks- Contact: artsolis, ATOMICx1988, or z1hawk47
[ipp] Ignotum Pernix Pugnax - Contact - xLow-Key

FraggedNation Ladders and Tournaments

PS3 Conquest Ladder:

***Notice*** This isnt hosted by me ill be doing smaller single/double elimination knockout tournies instead of managing an entire season so stay tuned for that

Gamebattles Ladder:

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