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First Skid Loader Appreciation Club Made!!! Remember to Fan, if not join here first! Before making your own!

Scoreboard for Skid Kills
LeOverlord - 1 kill
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rocketboy287 - 0 kills
jmanthesavage - 2 kills
G1n9aNinja - 0 Kills
CraigSteven5on - 0 kills
soupcan74 - 2 kills
QueeenChloe - 2 kills
blackshibah - 2 kills

So yeah, played Wake Island for the first time today with my buddy... We take the Airport look around for a transport to the next base and there it was... Me and my squad mate immediately jump in and head to the next base, only to be passed by a DPV, and a tank... but none of that deterred us from advancing!!! Anyways by the time we get half way there the tank and DPV had taken the base but we were losing the airport. So we flipped it around and gave her all she had... Upon reaching the airport we were greeted by an engineer, who was quickly dispatched by my bucket support gunner, HOWEVER a sneaky assault soldier jumped out from a nearby bush and proceeded to kill my gunner. Seeking to avenge my friends death i then aim my Loader at him and drive into him with everything i have... I pinned him into a sandbag wall with my bucket, avenging my fallen comrade...

This is but one story of why this vehicle is the greatest yet added to BF3

-------------------- Update ! --------------------
EA came out with a video expressing their love for this vehicle as well, watch it here
Another Great Video for those who enjoy SKID LOADERS!!!!

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