Arms of the Realm
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Platoon Presentation

The greater coat of Arms of the Realm

platoon based on PTFO and Teamwork
most of are members are family and friends
requirement if you want to join
speak hollands or english
use of a mic
active on battlelog
add your fellow AoR members on PSN
able to play at least twice a week with platoon

we dont accept boosters glitchers and cheaters
we dont do spawn trap

are you a teamplayer join us nightlight is doing recruitments

AoR members play on our server :conquest & rush B2K BF3! leaders are admins they will kick for AoR members! come and play,add the server to your favorites!

fight togeter or die alone

check out website

practice day:friydays time:23.00

battle day:sundays time:21.30

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