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Bullseye Recons Club is a group of skilled and talented soldiers who have special abilities on being stealth and dangerous for the enemy! This Group of soldiers was firstly created by gtkodo on battlelog in 2012. This Club became famous because of its members. From day to day these members become even more skilled with main target the head of the enemy. BRC has main purpose the advance of its members and make them the most elite recons worldwide. These soldiers have the 2 most powerful weapons in the world! Their mind and their sniper rifle! Nothing more is needed to defeat your enemies! We are searching all over the gaming community for reliable and skilled members. If you think you are good enough for us ,send an application.


1# No racist comments to the platoon's members

2# Bad language users will be punished with getting kicked from the platoon

3# All ages are accepted except under 10 years old players

4# Play as a team not as an alone wolf

5# Use your microphone to communicate with the other recons!

6# Always support your other teamates with any way you can (by spotting enemies and enemy vehicles etc.)


1# Use bipod for long range sniping

2# Use MAV or T-UGS to spot your enemies

3# Prefer bolt action snipers as they are doing very big damage ,they are more accurate and they are better for long range sniping

Founder: PSN=gtkodo
Leaders: PSN=Mavropoulos_B , PSN=HesamJavan

For more information you may communicate with gtkodo or with Mavropoulos_B or with HesamJavan.

Joining Requirements:
1#Be a good recon
2#Be a good teamate
3#Be useful
4#Have a microphone
5#Have strategy

Club Rules:
1#No bad language
2#Use your microphone
3#Be active on our battlelog platoon
4#Don't camp for hours

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