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Platoon Presentation

*** Our Platoon-Server is online now - [gwOp] Official Server ***
Actual and ex. members of the "Orange"-world (& friends) forming a Platoon to have some fun on the battlefield.
Don't take it serious - it's just a game after all !
Let's kill them together the orange way !
Mostly we are online (PSN) between 09:00pm - midnight CET (UTC +01:00)
Meistens ist einer von uns zwischen 21:00 - 24:00 Uhr online (PSN).
Main language is German, but we also speak English !

We build a PS3 platoon of casual players and playing solely for fun !
---------- We don't take it serious, cause it's just a game after all ! ----------

We know that gaming isn't more than a hobby so
)· we don't give a damn about stats - we are not interested in the wanger waving challenge
)· we hate "mandatory" playtime - we already have a job with mandatory work-time
)· we hate platoon regulations - we do not need virtual parents
)· we don't need forced friends - we choose whom we accept as friend
)· we are no singers so we don't require a microphone

Why join us ?

)· any rank & role welcomed - stats doesn't matter at all
)· any age is fine for us - we don't watch pr0n, we play a videogame
)· hang out on the battlefield and have some fun with pleasant people
)· come online and leave as you like - your social life comes way prior a videogame
)· play what you like as you like it - Assault or Recon, USAS, Famas or MAV, lone-wolve or teamplayer... we don't care
)· no need to become friends on PSN or Battlelog (its your decision alone!)
)· no need to buy a mic just for this single game (f you already have one it would be glad if you talk with us ;-) )
)· no obligations at all

We don't like:
Cheater, Stat-whores & people who take a simple videogame way too serious => relax and get a (real) life !
(No offence to dedicated players with good manners !)

And always remember: We don't take it serious, cause it's just a game after all !

To all members:
Unfortunately you can only join a game or send invitation to other members of the platoon if you have him/her added to your PSN-"Friendlist".

Since it is not mandatory to add any members as friend it would be great if you a least could add our tag [gwOP] so we can recognise you if we (randomly) met at the battlefield.
[This is just a request, it is not mandatory - but i will help us all to identify platoon-members]

If you would like to add other platoon-members as friend (to easy play with them) please do not just (mass) add them at the PS3 !
Instead post a message at our platoon's wall like "{PSN-ID}" add me if you like !" or similar and check back sometimes to see if other members also post similar messages so you can add them too.

<-> I've created a (very simple) page with all members who have agreed that they can be added on PSN to play together, so their posts will not get lost onto the Platoon-wall: <- OUTDATED !
{a Hooah! goes out to my friend who provided space on his site} <->
RIP: allied clan "The Xain Elite":

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