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Platoon Presentation

Co-Founder - Chevy_LS1
Any questions about the platoon contact Chevy or myself but Chevy will be running this platoon for BF3 on PS3 I'll be running our platoon for BF4 on PS4

Competitive Infantry Bf3 Clan

After 2 yrs of retirement On1 is making a come back to bf3 better and stronger. We are an infantry clan with the purpose of battling other clans and climb our way to the top of the ladder...We are a u.s. base clan although we have players from different countries We will not be playing any europe or brazil clans due to the fact that there will be alot of lagging for us....Only rule we have in our clan is to respect each like grown folks that we are. We want this to be more like a family than just a clan....For any cw's contact chevy_ls1 or any of the leaders. Any new members will be decided through King and our leaders.

One Army One Team One Platoon

Any new members must have an spm over 650, kd 2.00

Recruitment [ OFF ] unless by invite

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