Fire Team Tactics
Tag: [FTT] Fans: 17 Created: 2012-02-02

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Welcome To the Fire Team Tactics.
Our sole mission in life is this: PTFO! ( and have fun doing it! )


Requirements To Join:
( Currently you can't Apply but Leaders CAN invite )

We are based on the following:
- Communication
- Team Work

We aren't a stats based platoon. Don't show me your K/D, I don't care. I would rather run in
a squad with someone with poor stats that has my back and doesn't drive me insane. Don't
harsh my mellow.

We are a group of friends who enjoy playing BF3 together. We know each others play style.
We poke fun at and harrass each other, but we've got each others back and have FUN doing it.


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