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Platoon Presentation

We could sit here and compile a huge post of useless things, about how our TS server is fully customized with icon systems, even though every other one on the planet has that as well, but I will just go ahead and hit the main topics. Stroup Squad is about the funziez.

We don't compete in TWL or any other tournaments like that, we are just here to gain skills from other players and destroy the online battlefield. You don't have to be a total BAMF to join, just be able to play and have fun, that's all we ask.

We aren't a realism/military simulations unit. Calling an 18 year old over TeamSpeak a First Sergeant or Sir may build up their self-esteem, but it's not going to do anything to help keep order in a lawless world. Obviously you'll respect the people paying the bills, just like you do at home.

To join you need to have the following;
- A microphone
- Teamspeak 3 downloaded and installed
- An acceptable internet connection; if you're on dialup, get with the program.
- BE MATURE! If you're under 18 and act LIKE A BOSS, hit us up.


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