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(BTB) Network by the book is looking for people of all lifestyles that are committed to teamwork, and can put the team ahead of themselves. We try to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the individual and incorporate them into the team. Everyone is important! Skill is not necessarily the deciding factor for being accepted in to the group. We believe that everyone brings something to the table. We are looking for people who maintain a high level of discipline in the most stressful situations, and a willingness to learn, contribute, teach, and grow in the organization. Our recruiting target are mature (18 or Older) individuals, however in some instances (case by case basis), we may decide to expand our Junior Roster. If that is you, and you are looking for group to play with or even a clan to join then look no further.

BTB serves the gaming community in various ways. We have different membership types that meet the needs of different individuals. BTB will be looking to invite other CLANS to join our network under the umbrella of (BTB) Network By The Book! **For more information contact one of our leaders:

Admiral, Sgt_Diamond - BTB Commander at:
Rear Admiral (upper), M103Wrestler at:

(BTB) comes in two parts. The Network and the Clan.

Member Types:

1. Civilian - A BTB Civilian is part of Network By The Book, and does not hold a rank inside of the clan. They may participate in all open events and General Events. Civilians may acquire the (BTB) Tags however, it is not required.

2. Enlisted - BTB enlisted members make up the foundation of (BTB) CLAN and are ranked members of the group. Enlisted members are required to dedicate a set amount off time to the group via Website / Forum Activity and Online play or a combination of both. Enlisted members are assigned under the command of an Officer.

3. Officer - BTB Officers are the leaders of BTB. They are responsible for managing the day to day operations and administrative functions of the Network. Officers usually have enlisted members assigned under their command; who either keep key admin tools up and running or are just part of a battle team.

To Join:
1. Visit our website at
2. Click on the Join Us link
3. Follow the instructions

BTB in game Servers:
1. BTBNation
2. By The Book!

"If I feed you, and you feed me, we will never go hungry".

Admiral, Sgt_Diamond
BTB Commander

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