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Tards - Retarded Game Play At Its Best

About us

Anyone can join as long as your over 18. Our members are from 18 to 60+. We don't care as long as you don't take it to serious. The most important thing to us is that you have a sense of humor. We encourage friendly banter/chat both on the servers and the forum. Profanity on Teamspeak is encouraged. The only thing that isn't allowed is racism.

Who are we?

Engineers, Teachers, Tradesmen, Post men, Students, Retired, Unemployed…. The list is endless, we are mature gamers that like playing without the bullshit. We don't care what rank you are, if you’re a 100 star of only a n00b starting out. As long as you’re a mature gamer that likes a laugh.

How to join

The Tards aren't a clan, so all you do is join. That's it :) We don't do try out's, leagues, ladders or any of that other BS... All you need to do, is register on the community tab. (At the top of the website). It's that easy


It's a community, not a clan.

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