Server Surfers
Tag: [SS] Fans: 8 Created: 2012-03-12

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Battlefield IS NO RULES!! So we must hunt down the evil communist CoDfish while they hide in the protection of their heavily policed server lobbies. Assinate the owners and admins with takedowns or using the very weapons they rule against until they kick or ban us. Drive them back to 24/7 Nuketown. If we fail in this mission Battlefield we slowly be reduced to 24/7 metro full tickets. Join us as we take virtual warfare to the next level. Keep it real. No glitching. No cheating. Rush means RUSH!! Flank. Bombard. Destroy. Learn. React. Revive. Adjust. Counter. Be Patient. COMMUNICATE. Pay attention to the constant adaptation of players and enjoy gameplay that will constantly evolve. Be the Game!

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