Legionnairs AlphaSquad
Tag: [LGNA] Fans: 16 Created: 2012-03-17

Platoon Presentation

This is the competitive branch of the Legionnairs. This means that every member’s spot is up for grabs. This is a platoon for the most active and skilled Legionnairs. There are no stat requirements to be part of the AlphaSquad. If you are a Legionnair then you already have good stats and have proven yourself a good soldier. You can only get into the AlphaSquad through merit and showing prowess and technical skill that is ranked in the top of the Legionnairs. Do not think of this as a different platoon. This is the group of people that will represent us in platoon battles. Ready your weapons soldiers, we are the Legionnairs.

Platoon Battle Record: 2-0

Misfit 1 Actual - Win
AO4 - Win

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