The C4's
Tag: [THC4] Fans: 11 Created: 2012-03-21

Platoon Presentation

C4. What a fantastic invention. Simple putty formed into whatever shape you desire. Add a detonator. Run the fuck away. Wait.........Pull trigger.....TROLOLOL.

If you enjoy paraC4ing, tank walk C4, trololol C4ing, and C4 in general, then this platoon is for you, eh? We enjoy C4ing the crap out of anything. May it be a tank, jeep, jet, chopper, and the list goes on........

Requirements :

2)Must C4 trololol

3) Must be thinking of the BOOMDEYADA! song while C4ing.

BROTHER CLANS: [MR] Mostly Recon
[VKZ] Valley Kingz

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