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This isn't a clan. This is a union place for all players interested in being substitute soldiers,
for on-going or future clan battles.

The idea is: that when in need, clan leaders can easily browse individual player stats and strengths here.
To find a temporary and suitable substitute.

-Members get to experience different clan battles, without the process of having to apply to the clans.

-Clans now have a place to easily find temporary replacement soldiers.

How it works?

You join us.
Clan leaders fan us.
If they need a soldier; they find you here, then THEY contact YOU (no middle man required). You agree to terms and requirements. Then make ah the war.


There are none.
Well, except for all the benefits that go along with being a merc on the battlefield!
Do it for the fame and notoriety- If you're good enough.
Do it for the clan battle experience, otherwise.

*goes without saying really, that the use of a mic and not having an issue with taking orders are imperative, no less :P so if you want to be eligible for quick access to quality battles, then join us!

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