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Platoon Presentation

FMJ-GULF is not for the faint of heart. We are to battlefield what the dirty dozen was to Hittler! We are FMJs rag-tag aces in all fields, in all circumstance! We are looking for anyone that has heart and an interest to get it done any way we can! we specialize in everything. If you think you have what it takes be be in FMJ-GULF company please feel free to apply.
Requirements for acceptance:
1) You must be, or become an FMJ Member.
2) You must ALWAYS wear your FMJ clan tag.
3) You must obey all rules and standards of FMJ and requirements for FMJ-GULF
4) You must have a K/D of 1-1 or greater
5) You must be willing to use what weapons, equipment that are needed by your squad.
6) You must own a functioning communications mic.

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