CraZy, Swift n Deadly™
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These are minimum requirement to apply to join us at CSnD{Part of the tCo Gaming community}

We are currently closed to applications.

**Applications which does not meet our minimum requirement would be considered on case by case basis.

Rank - No restriction.
AGE - 18+
Spoken language - English , Chinese , Hokkien , Cantonese
Mic / Headset
Region - ASIA / Able to play 9pm onwards GMT+8
Playstyle - PTFO , Short and accurate reporting, excellent teamplayer
SPM - 600 and above
KDR - 1.5 and above

Official website -

Quote: Gaming is also a kind of sport, display sportmanship and friendship.

Our emblem: The skull represents our roots. We originated from our parent clan, PTFO. Jester hat adds a unique identity to it as we are part of the TvG (tCo gaming community). The five stars represent the very same stars that is found on our national(Singapore) flag. Last but not least, the bayonet and rounds depicts an impression of being swift and deadly. Together we are known as CSnD, Crazy,Swift and Deadly.

Blacklisted player
ROEN_HOMME -> Application rejected but still using our clan tag on his alt account.

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