National Armed Forces
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/_\ National Armed Forces /_\
[NAF] Stand by for Duty

We are a Competitive and Cooperative group
Aiming to take down the enemy by any means!
Work together and leave no man behind!
Soon hoping to get out and meet the competition
with:: Original GP, Challenges, and Tournaments!

We are always recruiting.
Mainly For...
Serious and Experienced gamers but anyone is

*Members must show representation of the group
by adding "National Armed Forces" to their bio on
the console and add NAF as the tag to become an
official member, failure to do so can result in
Eviction from the group!

*Rituals will be performed once every week.
"What is a ritual?"
A "ritual" is a set of actions, performed mainly for their symbolic value.
Members will meet discussing upcoming activities
and cuts for those who do not fit the team!
This will only help keep the NAF rep. afloat!

Add other members and become familiar
with the group, stick with your squad during GB.
There will be practice before tournaments!

Try to check battlelog often to keep up with the
group and the activities! Always recruit, whoever
brings in 10 New members, first, will receive 800
ms points!

[NAF] Protection Policy
-Must have mic
-Must represent
-Must attend rituals
-Must play on a near daily basis
-Skill:: Decent and Experts
-Have Fun

Follow Protection Policy to avoid being Evicted!

Don't forget to Apply!

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