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Platoon Presentation

This is a clan/platoon/TEAM that is looking to enter the major competitive arena and begin taking part in ladders and tournaments. But first thing is first, we have to enlist TEAM PLAYERS and this is what we are looking for:
-Players over the age of 18
-Players with mics
-Players who USE the mic to call out
-Players who understand what their role is and what they have to do the help the TEAM win.

All types of players are wanted. This included:
-"Run-n-gun" players
-Support Gunners

We will compensate to players who prefer to play certain game modes such as squad TDM by recruiting more players who prefer such modes.

Designers also wanted in helping create logos for the team, signatures for members, and assisting in creating the website.

So if you think you are interested, then hit me up (Johny_Sacks). Remember, the answer will always be a no unless you ask.

Please make sure to fan us, like us, and follow us!



See ya'll on the battlefield!


Official ^MOB^ Gaming server will be up soon and all members should try to get premium ASAP. The server WILL contain premium content

All tags should be set to MOB when playing with us online.

All members who will be taking part in the ladder matches and tournaments MUST create an account with Gamebattles. I have a Squad Rush team and Team Conquest/Rush team formed up. Please visit Gamebattles.com


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