Cosmic Nation Academy
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Founded 5/3/12

What is Cosmic Nation Academy?
Hello, i am Cosmic-Origins, or just Cosmic, and this is Cosmic Nation Academy. Before i explain what this is, keep in mind that this is NOT a platoon that will compete in clan matches. Now then, CNA is essentially a "Bootcamp" for players who want to be in Cosmic Nation, but do not fill the requirements to do so.

What do i need to join?
To join CNA, nothing is necessary. This is a platoon for people who want to join CNA, but cannot yet join for whatever reason.

How do i join Cosmic Nation?
To join CN, you must first leave the academy.(unless you are a leader on here to help others) From there, every week there will be try-outs for CN. If you wish to attend, the top players will be asked to join CN. If you do not qualify yet, you will be asked to stay in CNA and try and train for next week's try-outs.

*Site is still under construction

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